About Fundraising

The Smart Savings Card Program:

  • Is an affordable $20 donation to your local school, church group, non-profit
  • Now with over 65 Super Saver Coupons on every Smart Card
  • Now offers "Super Saver" Coupons, even more ways to save!
  • Is a "No Risk" Program (Full Return Policy)
  • Is a quick and easy fundraiser. Raise money for your group in a matter of 2-3 weeks
  • Generates great profits for large or small groups
  • Offer a FREE PRIZE PROGRAM, to help motivate participants and reward their hard work!
  • Has no start up costs
  • No minimum sales requirements, great for all groups no matter the size
  • Smart Cards are available for 16 different counties. Makes for an easy sell at the office or to friends and family
  • Provides a great service to the community, many people see the Smart Card as a "service" because they can save hundreds of dollars.
  • Promotes local businesses
  • Has over 100 business locations on each Card
  • Now has hundreds of attached Coupons and Super Saver Coupons for even greater savings!
  • Is a great tradition that family, friends, & co-workers look forward to each year!