Buy Your Smart Savings Card Today!

The Smart Savings Card Program is proud to have helped local schools & non-profits raise over 2.1 million dollars in 2013. Schools / Groups have had great success because of their commitment, their parents involvement and because of the restaurants and retailers who make our product a great savings for the customer! The Smart Card has helped countless schools raise much needed funds for their projects and endeavors for over 20 years.

The Smart Card helps local Nashville, Bowling Green, Jackson and Tupelo schools raise funds, but in the process supports our local business owners. Because there is absolutely no start-up costs involved in our program, the Smart Card is great for schools and groups of any size.

Introducing Our New Virtual Smart Card!

Now, never be without your Smart Card!. It's ALWAYS in your "pocket" with our new VSC! All for one price of $20 this year! Still the same great Smart Card, just now more ways to save. Simply, scan the QR Code on your Smart Card and bookmark your Virtual Smart Card Today!

**Not all advertisers elect to participate in the Virtual Smart Card.

Who Benefits

Your School or Organization benefits by raising substantial money with limited time and effort while providing a "POSITIVE SERVICE" to your community.

Business Sponsors "REACH NEW CUSTOMERS" who become repeat and regular customers while using the Smart Savings Card.

Your supporters who have received the Smart Savings Card recover their investment within the first 3 to 4 uses. From this point, the Smart Savings Card becomes "PROFITABLE TO THE SUPPORTER".

"It would be stupid not to take advantage of one of the best bargains around, the Smart Card. Not only does it give you bargains around the city, it puts money into the hands of area schools!" - Ms. Cheap - The Tennessean